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São Paulo Guarulhos
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1.5 (Simmarket) 0.9 (Marketplace, updating soon)

Same as MSFS

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PC and XBOX (Marketplace)


SBGR Guarulhos International Airport is São Paulo's bustling gateway to the world, serving millions of passengers annually. As Brazil's busiest airport, it connects travelers to domestic and international destinations with modern facilities and efficient operations. With multiple terminals and extensive runways, Guarulhos Airport accommodates a wide range of aircraft, ensuring smooth travel experiences for passengers.

⦁    High-quality 3D modeling captures every detail of SBGR Guarulhos International Airport.

⦁    Custom T style jetways

⦁    Native compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator ensures seamless integration and performance.
⦁    Physically Based Rendering (PBR) texturing enhances visual realism and authenticity.
⦁    Accurate placement of taxiways and terminals for realistic ground operations.
⦁    Dynamic lighting effects for immersive day, dusk, and night experiences.
⦁    Multiple terminals cater to a diverse range of airlines and destinations.
⦁    Detailed ground markings and signage aid in navigation and taxiing.

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