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About Anchorage:


I feel like I haven't been very clear about what happened/what is happening with the Anchorage project here. I have talked about it on our discord, but a more detailed feedback in the site was missing.

What happened:

I had some hard procrastination months and couldn't work on the project, and in this mean time, SimWings/Aerosoft released their version of PANC; We all know that SimWings is a very talented dev, and their rendition has a very good quality, and given the rate I was working on my project, and how far away from concluding it I was, I have decided to not work on the Anchorage project anymore.

Meanwhile, I have been working on other airports, which I am not announcing yet (in case I don't finish them lol), and I am doing some good progress on them. Regarding Anchorage, the project is not going to continue, although, I am unsure if I should finish a more ''basic'' version of it and release as a freeware airport, but, it won't be in the next few months, as I am working on other airports which already take my time.

To not leave yall without anything, here is a picture of one of these upcoming airports. If you can guess it, let me know.

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